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A German visitor to the museum films his tour of the collection with legendary mountain bike pioneer Charlie Kelly.


A German visitor to the museum films his tour of the collection with legendary mountain bike pioneer Charlie Kelly. Ein deutscher Besucher des Museums filmt die Tour mit der legendären Mountainbike-Pionierin Charlie Kelly.

2016 Fairfax Bike Swap


Marin Independent Journal story covering the first annual Fairfax Bike Swap. By Janis Mara

Repack Downhill-- 40 Years Gone By


Flashback to 1976, when a group of six showed up on this same day, at the same location, for the very first Klunker downhill race. By Rob Korotky

Hans Rey and Why the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Matters


It is time to preserve our history and honor our peers, those that have made a difference. Mountain Biking is only 40 years old and already so many people, trends, brands and ideas have come and gone. Let’s remember those folks that stand out and have led the way for many of us, helping us to fall in love with this sport or making it a little bit better. By Hans Rey



Recap of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductions in Fairfax, California, with photos. By Jim "Jimmy Mac" McIlvain.

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame set for first induction ceremony at Marin Museum of Bicycling in Fairfax


Marin County has long been considered the birthplace of mountain biking. The sport’s Hall of Fame relocated to Fairfax last year and this weekend the induction ceremony will take place in Marin for the very first time.

What it takes to get in the Hall of Fame


The relocated MBHOF has a new, more discerning nomination process. By Ryan Cleek

The Roots of Dirt | The Design Evolution of the Early Mountain Bike - WIRED VIDEO


In the 1970's a group of California hippies built a new technology that changed the world. Computers? Nope. They were building the earliest commercial mountain bikes. Producer: Sean Patrick Farrell Photographer: Wende and Larry Cragg

Time Capsule - The Birthplace of Mountain Biking - RKP


What makes Marin County so special is that it is the undisputed birthplace of mountain biking. The road bike had as many midwives as a factory has workers; its design is like democracy itself, helped along by France, England, the United States and other countries. We know the where, the when, even the who of mountain biking. There’s not even any question of the why or the how. So where better to put a museum devoted to the bicycle than in Marin County, in the town of Fairfax? By Padraig of Red Kite Prayer

The ultimate San Francisco bucket list- 49 amazing adventures to do in 2016.


RootsRated publication describing 49 great things to do in and around San Francisco. The Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame are Number 1 on the list! By Blane Bachelor.

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