Company Membership Application

If you are applying for an Individual or Family membership, please click the "Individual User" button on the right.
The person completing this application will be the initial Administrator of the account.
Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame memberships are fully tax deductable.



Please choose a login name and password for your account so that you may login to our Web Portal. 
The Web Portal is where you will administer your organizational/corporate account and memberships. To learn how to add employees/staff
please see the Accounts and Memberships section of our FAQ page. This link lives inside the Web Portal too.
As an administrator, you can also use the Web Portal to vote, make event & store purchases and more.

Save time and money with a 2-Year membership!
Note: If you are looking for an individual membership please click the button above.
All memberships are tax deductible.
Small Non-Profit Organization Membership
$150  (1-Year)   $270 (2-Year)  Save $30
Includes membership for up to 3 people.  Includes free admittance to the Museum and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, Hall of Fame voting privileges and discounts for member events. 
Small Business Membership
$250 (1-Year)   $450 (2-Year)  Save $50
Includes everything in previous membership for up to 5 people.

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